frequently asked questions

1.) Can I book an "eyes only" appointment?

     - No. I do not offer eyes only appointments. I do offer brows and lashes. You can book that service by contacting me only.

2.) What does the "Birthday Beat" include?

     - The "Birthday Beat" includes ANY look of your choice. This could be something natural or dramatic. This service can be booked on, before* or after* your birthday. This service can only be used ONCE. Events to use this service can include: on birthday, birthday dinner, birthday photo shoot, leaving on a birthday vacation, etc. You MUST include your birth date in the 'Notes' section of the booking form.

3.) What is the difference between "Full Glam" and "Glitter Glam"?

     - The Full Glam service includes eye-shadow with color and minimal glitter. The Glitter Glam service includes a full glitter eye and dramatic face makeup.  

4.) How long will my makeup last?

     - Your makeup can last for hours.

5.) How do I cancel/reschedule an appointment?

     - To cancel or reschedule an appointment, you can contact me via text, social media, or email. You can also become a member of my site, which allows you to cancel/reschedule appointments on your own.

6.) Can I get bottom lashes or jewel add-ons?

     - Yes. To request bottom lashes or jewel add-ons, simply include it in the 'Notes' section during booking.There is an additional charge.

7.) Is there a penalty if I cancel the day of?

- Yes. There is a $20 SAME DAY CANCELATION FEE FOR YOUR INCONVENIENCE. If you decide to not pay, you will no longer be able to book.


8.) Where are you located?

     - I am currently located in Tuscaloosa, AL.