Meet Me!

Hi Babe!

I'm Patra Stallworth, owner and SHE-E-O of Makeup By Patra Makeup Artistry, LLC. I am a self-taught makeup artist & have been  freelancing since 2016, my freshman year in college. I received my Bachelor's Degree from The University of Alabama in Public Health in 2019. Throughout college I studied and worked hard, working on perfecting my craft in my free time. As my talent grew, so did my business. In the fall of 2020, after a lot of work and dedication, Makeup By Patra became official and the publication of DREAM Cosmetics & Co.



About My Cosmetic Company


My cosmetic line is like a dream come true for me. After literally coming to me in a dream, DREAM Cosmetics was built from the ground up, beginning in 2020. The message that my cosmetic line represents is for ALL women of color.

DREAM Cosmetics represents:

  • Dedication

  • Reliability

  • Empowering

  • Affordability

  • Melanin

As a woman of color, I have experienced first hand the difficulties that occur in everyday situations, even outside of the beauty industry. My cosmetic line represents the WOC who has dedicated her life to herself and others, relied on the dependency of her faith during trying times, empowered the next woman before herself, affordable products for everyday wear, and MELANIN skin considered. Please take the time out to view and possibly purchase some products from my line. All products contain raw organic ingredients and are NEVER tested on animals! Happy Shopping!